About US

Acquirer Risk Management Solutions (ARMS) was founded in 1999 by experienced credit card professionals who have focused for many years on reducing merchant fraud against card processors and Independent Sales Organizations. This experience came from our careers as federal investigators, underwriters, fraud managers and industry consultants.

Even though we have chased many fraudsters over the years, we are convinced that fraud prevention is the only viable way to manage loss. Our insight is used by Independent Sales Organizations, (ISOs), and merchant processors nationwide to give underwriters additional tools to recognize potential fraud exposure prior to boarding a merchant account.

About Underwriting

Merchant underwriting, among other things, involves verification of the information furnished by the applicant. It also considers the type of business, whether on-line, store front, mail/telephone ordering (MOTO) and the product or service offered. Credit score, assets, time in business, availability of reserves, and transaction volume also are critical in the evaluation.

Underwriters are concerned about a merchant's ultimate intention and ability to either provide what he has promised to the card member or to refund the money. Although the great majority of merchants can be safely processed, there are some who establish merchant accounts for the purpose of defrauding consumers and ultimately the processing companies. Hundreds of millions of dollars are lost annually to these fraudsters who slip through any cracks they can find in the underwriting procedure. Some of this we'll be blogging about from time to time:

About Underwriters

Credit Card Merchant underwriters are the key to any successful merchant processing business. They are the gatekeepers whose vigilance separates profitable accounts from potentially disastrous accounts. Although the merchant industry is driven by sales, it is the underwriters who weigh long term profit against risk. They apply their underwriting guidelines, training and experience to pull together the various factors that paint the fraud risk picture.